Lock Down: My Mobile Security Basics

As technology progresses and the masses start adopting it into their daily lives; we see another side of society start popping up.  Malware, trojans, spyware, and fraud websites have become a part of our digital life. With the recent explosion of the mobile world, more and more us now carry tons of our personal data and information with us on our phones.  In turn, we put ourselves more at risk of losing such data.

Today’s post will outline a few of my basic security practices for mobile users.  Lets get started!

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iPad: business usage and thoughts…

well todays post will center around my experience of using an iPad in an enterprise / corporate / business environment.  again this is a recount of my personal experience and attempt to use my iPad in my work world (ie Network Operations / Support realms, project management).

honestly, the iPad doesn’t fare too well, at least when it comes to the straight productivity side of things for my needs/expectations. Keep on reading for the details, apps and end results.

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Me and Technology: A quick 20 year debug

2003 setup

(edited title since i covered 20 years not just 10, bonus!)

Well, I thought I’d post a less serious and more fun one today.  I, like most that are reading this, have been a big tech geek for most of my life.  As a kid, we did not have netbooks or iPods or heck even free long distance phone service.  No, I grew up fantasizing about such gadgets and technology.  I grew up watching movies about the future and lusting over the then cool devices (now retro, hehe) and hoping we’d see them eventually. Nope, I had my cool game watches (super mario bros and tetris FTW!!), super small FM/AM Radios and of course my dreams of things to come.

I plan to just highlight a few of the more important events from each decade.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

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well, with the temps being in the mid to high 90s, i thought today would be a great day to reflect/rant about network tv and how they just don’t get it.  Network TV has a chance to actually make the digital leap before its too late.  we’ve seen way too many industries who’s own arrogance prevented them from taking advantage of the ‘digital’ transition of ‘analog’ services; ie the new internet way of business (elimination of the middle man, crowd-surfing, freedom of information vs hoarding of, etc).this rant/reflection will discuss TVs place in our living rooms and our budgets and also where we’ve been and some possible ‘fixes’ to avoid failure.

Again, this is all pure opinion based (mine, hehe). Keep reading for the full scoop.  This post is for the SarahZ @ periscope :) Continue reading

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iPad and L5 Remote Dongle Demo (video)

I’ve been a long time PDA user and for some reason have always lusted over the idea of it being able to control my tv and other appliances.  So when I heard about the L5 remote ($49.95) for the iPhone/iPod Touch, I knew I had to get it (and figured it was most likely iPad compatible, which it is! ). Keep reading for the quick review and video.

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My Nexus One and SenseUI / Desire ROM port r21

its been a few months since i bought my nexus one at launch. so far i must say that i’m very satisified with my purchase and believe it can almost replace an iPhone.

however, lately i’ve been dabbling into the custom rom scene and am loving the MoDaCo ROM Desire Port.  SenseUI is basically just a skin for Android made by HTC  Its available on their Windows Mobile phones and also select Android phones.  The HTC Desire is one of their latest phones; its basically like a Nexus One except for an 8mp camera and digital trackpad vs trackball.

Since the hardware is nearly identical, porting of the Desire’s SenseUI rom to the Nexus One was just waiting to be done.

I’ve been using the MoDaCo Custom ROM r21 and so far have had good luck with it.  There are some bluetooth issues but i never use bluetooth.  Battery drain is def increased but can be fixed by using a custom kernel (i’m using persiansown latest 925mhz cfs kernel.

Here’s a quick video of my Nexus One running the Desire Rom. (please excuse crappy sound, got new camera, 720p vids and stereo sound in all new vids)

[youtube wThwO2i5gHs]


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my iPad experience: non-techie impressions, apps and work, 3G+Wifi version thoughts (2 of 2)

wow, its been almost a month with my iPad Wifi.  So far I am impressed and in love with it. I’ve been traveling a bit recently and have found it perfect for such outings.  Today, I’ll discuss my thoughts on the highs and lows of the iPad after a month of owning/using and also touch on my new iPad 3G+Wifi.  Keep reading for the full post (warning: long post)

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iPad + Case + Dock hack (literally)

Well, just so you know, i’m that guy.  the guy that has to have a dock for every gadget/phone/gaming console he owns. So I couldn’t pass up the last iPad dock on the shelf at Best Buy.

I also bought the Apple case for it and love it and prefer using my iPad w/it on (easier to handle and don’t scratch back, feels like a portfolio).

So.. the big question is; will my iPad fit on the Apple dock w/the Apple case on? One would think so since they are all Apple accessories. NOPE!

The case won’t properly fit onto the dock as is since the connector bottom area keeps it from sitting on the dock properly.

I just marked the end of the dock and then cut the casing/fabric level with the iPad connector port and wide enough to fit onto the dock. Hopefully Apple fixes this at the manufacturing point (my cutting isn’t the straightest, hehe). An exacto knife would prob do the trick too. I’ll go back and clean mine up later this week when i’m not so tired :)

my messy quickie cutout; (note i cut the back too to help get in and out of dock easier).

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my iPad experience: i promise its not a review edition (1 of 2)

Wow, there sure has been a lot of iPad buzz and reviews the last few days.  It was expected since this is the marketing beast/genius that is Apple and they don’t holdout on launching products.  The iPad was released to the general public three days ago (4/3/2010) in the USA; the lines were nothing like the iPhone or even the PS3 or Wii launches.

Its estimated that only about 300k were sold on the first weekend. Not a bad launch or a great one either.  My 16gb iPad arrived nice and early on Saturday around 9am. So I’ve had it for about three days. I promise/hope not to bore you with YAIR (yet another iPad review) but more of my thoughts on using it as a geek and then a post 2 of impressions others had on it as i let them have free roam and use of it.  Keep reading for the goodies.

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My Apple iPad 16gb Wifi Unboxing and comparison shots

Well, today is the big day (well at least that’s what Apple wants us to believe) that the iPad is released into the hands of consumers.  There really haven’t been any reports of crazy line waiting but the buzz on the web is still pretty high.  I’ll admit that I am pretty excited but then again I’m excited for any new toy I get.  I woke up this morning nice and early and left a nice note for my UPS driver to call me when he gets here since my buzzer doesn’t work.

Around 9am, low and behold I get a call that my package has arrived. My heart jumps for joy and my fingers start twitching with the need to pry open a package. :)

Keep on reading for the full unboxing and comparison shots.

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